Problems after updating Illdy theme and illdy companion plug-in

After updating Illdy theme and the illdy companion plug-in my site has completely changed. On my fronpage content is missing and style in another way. I get this error if when I try to go to the customizer:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Epsilon_Editor_Custom_Control’ not found in D:\appdata\IIS\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-content\plugins\illdy-companion\illdy-companion.php:453 Stack trace: #0 D:\appdata\IIS\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-includes\class-wp-hook.php(298): illdy_companion_customize_register(Object(WP_Customize_Manager)) #1 D:\appdata\IIS\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-includes\class-wp-hook.php(323): WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array) #2 D:\appdata\IIS\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-includes\plugin.php(453): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #3 D:\appdata\IIS\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-includes\class-wp-customize-manager.php(734): do_action(‘customize_regis…’, Object(WP_Customize_Manager)) #4 D:\appdata\IIS\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-includes\class-wp-hook.php(298): WP_Customize_Manager->wp_loaded(’’) #5 D:\appdata\IIS\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-includes\class-wp-hook.php(323): WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array) #6 D:\appdata in D:\appdata\IIS\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-content\plugins\illdy-companion\illdy-companion.php on line 453

My provider to placed back a backup of the previous Illdy theme version, but I still get this error. It disappears when I deactivate illdy companion plug-in.

Can anyone help me with this?

Yes I’m experiencing the same error

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What version of PHP are you guys running? I’ve been seeing this issue quite a bit lately, and I a feeling that it’s the version of PHP that you’re running that’s causing this issue. Please ensure that you’re running at least version 5.6 and let me know how it turns out.

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So that should not cause the problem.
I also get a HTTP error when I try to upload media to the library

Other ideas?

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Just found this post on the same problems caused by updating illdy theme and illdy-companion:

Seems there are a lot of people having maior problems with the updates for a while now.
I’ll try some solutions given in this thread, and if they don’t help I’ll ask moderator Laranz for some assistance on finding a solution.

Thanks for you support so far!

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Unfortunately I’m still really desperate about these update problems. I can’t work on my site right now and I need to get it finished quite soon.

I went to the the other thread about problems around updating the illdy companion and illdy theme because moderator Laranz was giving great support.
And posted a request for help at April 26, but didn’t get a reply yet. Is Laranz or someone else still available to help me out PLEASE!

Maybe I can give him my WP and FTP login details in a private reply so he can check for me as well?

I would really appreciate it!
Please let me here from you,