problems in using shapely client section widget in Elementor

I did a front page using Elementor. Worked out most of the problems… But one I can’t solve! I want to have client section as Shapely kindly offers as a widget, but when I add it using E., I can’t upload any pictures. It asks me to refresh the page and nothing happens. Could anyone help me how to fix this? Or how to built the same thing on my own using different elements and effects in Elementor?.

Thank you very much in advance…

Update: it seems I have the same problem with every wordpress-shapely theme widget I try to use… Thanks in advance for your help! Please have in mind I am a beginner, therefore I am not skilled to use complicated CSS, or even hard core master-of-web-page-design language :slight_smile: Please keep it simple so I can follow your advice. Thanks for understanding.

Hey there

Thank you for the question.
Well, it’s not possible to use Elementor and our widgets on the same page, this is not possible so far, you have to use Elementor or widget builder of our theme, only one at a time not both