problems since the last WP 5.6 update:


There are a lot of problems on my site since the last WP 5.6 update:

  • The cookie acceptance bar remains static
  • the burger menu on mobile no longer works
  • the counter section no longer works.

Can you fix the problem?

Here is the link to my website:

Thank you

Hey there

  1. Cookie acceptance is not related to our theme because we don’t have such a feature
    2.3. those problems are already reported, once we update the theme they will be fixed too


Unless I’m mistaken, the cookie acceptance widget is provided by your theme. I didn’t install any additional plugin to manage it.
I’ve tried several setting options, it still doesn’t work.

When will the corrected version of your theme be updated?

Thanks for your feedback


No, I think it’s not from our theme, unfortunately, I can’t determine it since CSS codes are optimized by the Automptimize plugin

You should get a soft update this month and a major update in the next month