Problems view userprofile bbpress in dazzling

When i use the userprofile from bbpress in dazzling i get a dazzled screen :wink:

See the attach

Any ideas how to solve this? Apart from taking another theme. In twentysixteen there is no problem

Grtz Rolf

Hey there,
I hope you’re doing well today

Can you provide me with a user name and password I can use to log into the forum,
So I can have a look at the problem

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Hello, yes i am having a good day and you?

I gave you a a username: colorlibsupport
The password is:
Hope you can help me out

Can you make this post private??!!!

Grtz Rolf

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When writing a post there’s a check box below the editor that states set as a private reply, check this box before sending the message, I went ahead and made the post private.
I tried the credentials that were sent but they didn’t work, I’m guessing you changed them because they were exposed.
Now that you know how to hide a message, please send credentials that work.

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Thnx for your answer so far.

I made a fresh copy of the website with obly you and me as user and both administrator.

The site is fairly empty nos but you can repsorduce the problem.
When accessing the profile info at the rigt the screen does not work properly in the dazzle theme. In the 2016 theme it works fine. I have screenprints from both themes in the attach.

You can check everything out on:

Your username is: dazzle
Your password is: sapijaya98
You have full admin rights

I hope you can help me out because it is a very nice theme.

With kind regards, Rolf

May i add another problem? Or should i add another thread?

The problem is that it isn’t possible toshow the site logo and the site identity at the same time. It is onlu one of them when i toggle them both. Strange.

Grtz Rolf

Hey @razo85

I hope all is well, I’m getting an internal server error when accessing your site.
Is everything okay? Do you need still need assistance?

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