Problems with 2nd level menu for Sparkling WordPress theme


I did a quick research on this topic and nothing seems to solve my problem. My website( doesn’t seem to display the 2nd level menu on web browser but the same thing works on mobile. I am not really sure what the problem could be. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

I have a similar issue.

  1. The 2nd level menu does not display on hover until it is clicked.

  2. Is there no support for a 3rd level pages in the menu?


You don’t have any dropdowns created at all and they don’t appear on mobile as well. If you are still have problems with it, please create dropdown for testing purpose and notify me about it.

I think that you have switched to one of Tk themes and you still have “TK Shortcode” plugin installed. It might be a good idea to disable it if you no longer use it. If not you can just keep it installed.


Please start your own thread as this one is not relevant at all.