Problems with featured slider after WordPress theme update

Hi Aigars,

After I install the new version(1.3.0) the slider, I am using pages for the slider, is appearing in two pages, I am using a static page for the home and other for the posts(blog), do you know how I can fix it? Thanks a lot for your reply!

I see that you have set “Posts page” inside WP Dashboard → Settings → Reading but instead you have to leave it blank. To setup blog you should use theme built in Blog Page templates. You can use them when editing your page. There is widget on the right side called “Page Attributes”.

Regarding your previous comment. You can send me an email to support[at]

Thanks a lot for all the support! Is it possible for me to add posts to a page(blog)? Thanks in advance for your reply!

Yes, just publish them as regular Posts.

OK, but I want to have some posts at the blog and others at the trade ideas page, is it possible?

You can do it via Category pages just like I have done it in Travelify Demo: