Problems with ipad


when I use the slider and check the website on ipad and hold the ipad vertical, unfortunately the slider and text of the post whose image is shown in the slider gets messed up. it covers the top menu and doesnt look good at all. the problem only occurs when the ipad is hold vertically

Can u help me to fix that issue?

Kind regards


You have removed link back to my website which is a simple way to say thanks for my work and still ask for additional support.

Add this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

@media only screen and (max-width: 980px) {
	.featured-text {
    width: 55%;

Hi Aigars, i am sorry, i will put it back, please send me a link for donating something to your absolute great work.

Thanks for ur support.

Kind regards


If you are donating user then you can feel free to remove footer links. No worries about that.

The best option is via Paypal where my ID is a.silkalns[at] (replace [at] with @).

Your support would be much appreciated.

Hi Aigars, as soon as I have success with the website i will donate something, at least a bit money

but i put the link back :slight_smile:

Thanks again