Problems with setting up slider

I want to set up a slider with 3 images. I am getting stuck at various points in the instructions. I shall copy the instructions below. Indicating where I am stuck. Many thanks.

  1. Setup Featured Slider For Homepage

Sparkling theme relies on Flexslider image slider which is built in into theme and no plugin is required.

Slider Settings are located in Theme Options – Main (found, OK)
To enable slider tick checkbox and you will see that two no options will appear “Slider Category” and “Number of slider items” (enter 3 for “Number of slider items” OK)
Select category from dropdown to use for slider ("Slider category" is empty with no drop-down options - What do I enter?)
Now select number of slides to be used in slider (newest Posts from that category will be used) (Presumably, 3 images will be used?)
Make sure you have Featured Images uploaded and added for those Posts. (In which directory do I need to upload 3 images; and is there anything else I need to do?)
  1. Slider shows regular blog posts in it.
  2. These blog posts need to have “Category” that you later will be used via Theme Options as “Slider Category”. Read more about WordPress post categories.
  3. These posts needs to have featured images. Read more about featured images.

Since you need 3 slider images you will have to create 3 separate blog posts and assign featured image for each of these posts.

Thanks Aigars,

I am getting there, but still stuck:

  1. An image “Slider 3” against a red background shows up in the header area (name of Post 3).
  2. Beneath the header area are 2 arrows < >
  3. If I place the cursor just in the bottom of the header area; and just above the arrows, and slide from right to left then image “Slider 2” against a red background shows … and then image “Slider 1” against a red background shows
  4. I can change the order of the images in Slider 3, 2 , & 1 later.
  5. However, the slider images need to show beneath the header; and are not doing so.
  6. I also understand the images are meant to rotate 1, 2, 3 of their own accord.

Please let me know what I need to do to get 5) & 6) working properly? Many thanks.

Please activate slider and post your website URL, so I can look into it.


Many thanks

You haven’t followed none of my suggestions I proved earlier. For example, where are features images for posts you are using in slider?

Read more about featured images here.


Very many thanks; and for your patience too. The slider is now working. Only two further questions:

  1. The red box with the post name still shows “Slider 1” etc. When I leave the title empty, it just shows as “untitled”. How do I completely remove the post name from the slider?

  2. The images aren’t sized properly. Can ypu please tell me the correct size to produce the images in?

Many thanks, and have a good weekend.

  1. To remove slider title you should add this code to Appearance - Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS
h2.entry-title {
  display: none;
  1. I am using 1920 by 550 pixel images on my theme demo but you can use other image size but make sure that all images are sized the same so your slider would look consistent just like on Sparkling theme demo.

Have a good weekend!


Very many thanks, and have a good weekend!

Nice Algars,

now I will have better images in my scroller!