Problems with the Portfolio section

The problem with the placement of the portfolio on the home page.
The screenshot showed that the projects are left on the screen is shifted over the border ~15px(margin-left). The original photo has a resolution: 1100 x 520 pixels and not reaching the edge (margin-bottom) ~10px.
2 project (ring), the original photo has a resolution 730 x 360 pixels. If placed on the left - it will Seagate abroad screens ~15px (margin-left), but from below distance, no!

PS: as I understand it, for these thumbnails in the file function.php created size:
add_image_size( ‘shapely-grid’, 350, 300, true ); ,but if you look at the thumbnails of these projects the resolution is:

  1. [OpenCart] - 483.25x228.44px
  2. project “ring” - 483.25x238.31px

Help to understand please - I don’t know what to do!

Understood - I added another 6 projects, all aligned (with the exception of the project “the ring”, but it has a resolution of another).
That would knowingly create a topic :slight_smile: still one question that I keep forgetting to ask:
• Can I migrate or implement in this theme, the block “counter-number” from the topic “Illdy” (screenshot).

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi @yaleks89,

I am glad that you found the solution, regarding the migrate, you will need some custom php development.

First, locate the files that you want to migrate from here:



I created 5 portfolios but on the front page only the title and the content input in the appropriate widget appears. What’s wrong ?

Try it!
Customize -> Widget -> HomePage -> delete Portfolio widget and re-add.

  • check that each operation has thumbnails

I did it many times without success. Also, with the widget Contcat Info & Map the phone number doesn’t appear ! :frowning:

Have not figured out. When you try to add (files: front-page-counter.php moved) like the 500 error and the site stops to load :frowning:
Thanks for trying to help.

Thanks for your help :wink: but I didn’t understand your answer. Could you explain ?

Can you please tell me if its possible to add more than 4 posts in the project section for Illdy.