Problems with the slider

Dear support team,

I hope it’s okay to ask about my latest issue with the slider. I decided to use Meta Slider in order to display different photos on the main page instead of the ones taken from categories.
The issue is it won’t always display properly. On macbooks everything works fine. Yesterday, my friend showed me that the slider “hides” on her computer. It’s not in the centre of the screen anymore. (I am attaching the screen shot)

It is possible to fix that somewhere in the theme code?

I hope it’s appropriate to ask this question here, although it is an issue with Meta Slider… if not, I apologize in advance.

my website is:
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Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

I checked the website and the slider appears on my end. It may be the case that your friend needs to clear their browser cache. Please recommend them to do so then reload the page.

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Thank you for your response. We did so, we cleared the cache but it did not help. I also checked on another computer (lenovo) and the issue was there as well. I would like to be sure it all works well on every screen :slight_smile:
Is the only option to change the slider, remove it?

Thank you!

Hello there,

On my end the slider works so I would not be able to test it to come up with a solution. You can indeed try using another plugin but the issue could lie with the computers that you used for testing this issue.

What browser did you use on the windows units? I used Chrome and FireFox.

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