Problems with the widget text

In the right column I put, one after another, small banners. Are text widgets in the html code that retrieves the image and link. With three widget text, the second and third stick together (between the first and second no), and are unable to detach them (does not work hr or br). If I put the title the third text, change the title color and becomes a link.

The site is

Hi @erlkonig,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I visited your shared site but didn’t see the mentioned widgets there so could you please tell me a bit more in detail where they are displaying and share me the page URL of it so that i can help you?

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The widget are visible in dx column in homepage, if you need, i make a user and send you in pvt an id e pwd.

Thanks for your answer


Hi Giovanni,

I visited the site again and don’t see it.

Could you please create an user on your site and share me the password privately by checking the option “Set as private reply” when replying here so that i can troubleshoot it?


Thanks for the attention :slight_smile:

id: Movin
pwd: h3)JxzMF8sXjuJPlq#VSirY6

I hope I explained myself. Under widget see the three text boxes.I do not want to put the title, but without, the images stick together. With the titles, the third becomes inexplicably a link. But they should all be equal.


(the third title becomes inexplicably a link)

Thanks for sharing your site details but when i try to access your site it’s getting redirected to and i can’t access login screen of it and admin area.

I’m a stupid. The link is

sorry, sorry, sorry!! (what a shame…)

Thank you for sharing the correct site URL.

I visited your site and found the issue is occurring because incorrect HTMl markup added in the text widget so i logged in to your site and corrected the markup and now it’s working fine for me.

Could you please check it by clearing your browser cache and let me know hoe it works for you?