Problems with Zoom

I thought I’m done with my website and i have pushed it from locally (xampp) to a server. After initial difficulties, I could test my page on my PC-desktop. No Problem.

Then I took my Androidtablet. The site is even displayed correctly, but I can not zoom this larger (for example with double touch or two fingers).

It seems, with Firefox for Android it works, but not wiht chrome and other mobile Browser.

Same at the Iphone. Responsive ok, but no zoom possible.

Would be a shame if it was going to fail at that. Can you help me?

It is actually how it should be.

For example, you can check our website which is also responsive but not Zoomable Colorlib - Probably The Best WordPress Themes If the website woulnd’t be responsive then ther would be zoom option to mak it readable but since it is made to be readable there is no zoom option required.

There are some examples where pages are zoomable and responsive such as this example: once you will zoom you will understand why zoom is disabled for Travelify, Our blog and most other responsive themes.

Hi Aigars,

first: happy Easter, and what a good support even on a holiday.

Have I understood you correctly, or your attitude: If a theme is responsive, a zoom is usually not necessary?

And one thing: but why can i zoom with the Firefox?

Big Thx for this theme and your support. I will be going live with my homepage in the next days :wink:

Happy Easter! :slight_smile:

I have never used mobile Firefox, so I am not sure about that. But I will look into it to see what is different but by default it shouldn’t be zoomable.

Yes, if the theme is responsive then zoom is not necessary. Ir might be necessary in some cases but it will look really bad. It’s the same reason why you can’t zoom Instagram or in many other mobile apps.

Good luck with your new website! :slight_smile: