Product attributes only work as variables

I’m hoping you can help me with my site

I had several products, both Simple and Variable with attributes, and recently all of the attributes linked to Simple products simply disappeared off the front end. I can still see them when I edit, and if I make the product a Variable, then create variations for at least one attribute, then make sure all attributes are checked for both “visible on page” and “use for variables”, then the options come back. The Variable products lost all attributes for which I had only selected “visible on page”, so I had to go check all of those as also “use for variables”, even though I don’t actually want to create that many variables. Essentially, it’s impossible to use Simple products if there is any choice to be made (size or color, etc.), which seems like it must be a glitch, especially since it wasn’t happening before the recent updates. The “visible on page” check box seems to be meaningless now.

I’m afraid I’m very much an end user and the code doesn’t mean much to me. I appreciate your assistance.

I am fixing the problem above using global attributes. But there are still some things I don’t understand.

What does the “visible on page” box do? It doesn’t seem to matter if I have it checked out not

How can I get titles for attributes? If you look at this year page I set up, you can see that my options only have drop down menus. I’m looking for option titles like these

One more mystery solved: The attribute titles ARE there. They are just white font on a white background! smh

Anyway, still curious about the whole visible on page thing.

Also, I can’t find where to change the setting so that the titles of these drop down menus are a color other than white. I have highlighted them here so you can see them. Where can I find this setting?

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