Product Categories Not Reflected in Category List

I’ve spent some time creating new categories and sub categories for our product lines. When I try to add those categories to the shop button on the main menu, the only two that are offered as as option are the two that came with the thyme, “Fashion” & “uncategorized”.

How do i get this list of categories to read from my actual list of categories.

P.S. the side bar categories menu had the same issue, until i swapped out the “categories” widget with the “product categories” widget.

It seems that the widget “categories” isn’t reading from my list of categories and the “product categories” widget reads my category list fine.

Thank you in advance,
Chris W.

Hi there

First of all im not sure if this is a problem in the theme or lies somewhere else if we want to get this please do following steps:

  1. deactivate all your third-party plugins and try again
  2. activate one of default WordPress theme and try again
    let me know what happens

Lastly, you can use custom links of WordPress menu, in this case, you can add links manually and it will work 100%

I was also facing this issue in my blog but now it is working fine for me.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

@lisanicholsraj I am glad the issue was sorted for you. Please let us know if you tried another solution besides the one that we provided.

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