Project page - hide menu (category, recent posts, archive)


I want to

  1. hide the side bar menu on all of my project pages.

Take for example - I have added the following code to make the page full width (taken from another thread)

/full with portoflio/
.single-jetpack-portfolio div#primary {
width: 100%;

But that has moved the menu to the bottom of the page

  1. I would also like to hide the comments section too

Big thanks guys, you do a great job x

Good morning

use this css to completely remove sidebar from the projects page:

.single-jetpack-portfolio aside#secondary {
display: none;

regarding comment section, please check this question in the Jetpack related forums, most probably they have option to disable comment

Thanks Noda!

This worked - consider this ticket closed and sorted! :slight_smile:

So, if anyone is looking to remove the comments box on your project pages - I have the solution,

On your dashboard view, select ‘all projects’ here [yourwebsiteURL] wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=jetpack-portfolio

and on each one select the ‘quick edit’ option and untick the tick box ‘allow comments’ - this is on the right hand side of the quick edit area.

Hope that is helpful!

Good evening :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing solution, i will close this ticket now but feel free to contact anytime you wish