Project Widget is cropping image

Hi all
Very new to this theme, like it so far but have an issue, we are using the Project section as a sort of portfolio so are adding client images but it always seems to crop the images regardless of the size we specify. As per attached file crop.jph is whats inserted but orig.jpg is the actual file.
Any thoughts?
we woul;d also like to make the project images smaller as well so we can get more on the page, is there a way of havgin say 6 across??

Hello Shaun,

To have the images not cropping you need to use square pictures, same width and height.

You could achieve a 6 columns layout but it would require some custom CSS coding or eventually to manually build the section in a text editor.

If you are comfortable handling and doing some coding I can assist you to that direction.

Let me know if you fixed the picture issue by using square images.


Perpect thanks for that workds a treat, petty ok with coding so if you could direct that would be ideal. Really what I would want to achieve is smaller images and say 6 across and any number down.

One more thing, I cannot disable Testimonials, I uncheck it and it goes from the preview screen but oddly comes back as ticked when I go back in??
Latest version of the Theme is installed


This seems like quite a strange issue and I would love to have a live preview (temporary dashboard access via a private message) if it’s possible.

You can always force the testimonial section to hide via CSS coding:

display: none;

Let me know if you got it alright.


Thanks for the update, that CSS code did remove it, its on a temporary domain at the moment so not easy for you to have access, when its live I will happily send over so you can check.

What seems to happen is you untick Show this section and do save & publish and its shows but the chekc box is then set back again, as if its not saving it ok??

But your CSS code hides it :slight_smile:

All we need now is to resize the rpojects so they are smaller and perhaps 6 across and we can go live, its a great theme, they all love it this end!!