Project Widget Missing From Front Page

Hi all,
can anybody please advise on making the projects section work. I’ve tried a few times to get it right, resetting WordPress in between and starting over.
The steps I’ve tried a couple of times:

  • reset
  • install shapely and active
  • add front page as per the tutorial
  • install the xml and the wie files as per the tutorials (tired in reverse order too; it appears that if I only install the widgets I get a bunch of pictures too; I had a issues a couple of times with the xml not importing and just hanging and after I finally got it to work I had 5 copies of everything)

When I go to the widget customization I see that the projects section widget is in the right place, but it doesn’t show on the website. Also, during the customization I don’t see the image either, if that means anything; I do see the images on the site directly.

Any pointers would be much appreciated; I really like this theme and don’t want to hunt around for something else that works.

Thanks in advance for your time.


Hi Neil,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You have to install the Jetpack plugin Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth – WordPress plugin | and configure it as described on the following page in the section “4. Setup Portfolio Section”.

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the wie file is not working for multisite, any work around for this?

Hi @bb79,

Please post a new thread with your request.