Project widget title

Hi there,
on the Homepage - Project Section - the widget title is centered on mobile but is on the right side of the image on desktop or IPad.
How cam I center the title of widgets?

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Let me see it, please provide link to that page

Hi there,
the link:
Thank you!

Hi there

Im sorry, but I really cant reproduce it on my screen, can you please also share the screenshot?

Thanks, try this css code to fix it:

.widget_media_image font {
display: block;
margin: 20px 0px;

Hi there,
unfortunately it doesn’t work.
I would like to have the title bove the image
Thank you for you kind support


Please clear cache and check again, it works normally for me now: Screenshot by Lightshot

I did but it doesn’t work. I even checked with different browsers or asked other people to go and see.
I tried changing image size. Making very very large the title goes above the image but it’s not the solution.

Hi there,
it’s ok. I changed images and removed the title.

nice to know :slight_smile:

I will mark this question as a resolved