Projects are "squished"

I had this working perfectly - but I just had someone point out that the projects images are all cut off - like the section is now to short.

Can you see if you can help?

you can see the full images for each project in the mobile view no problem - just not desktop.



Update - I think I see what is happening. the images are all 476 x 476 I need the entire image to show all the time for each. It’s the aspect ration that is messing me up - looks like it is set for something like 16 x 5 ish and I want the ration to be 1:1


Another photographer usin gthe Illdy theme at seem to be working corectly - however the demo site for Illdy looks like mine unfortunately. The video on how to enter projects looks like the other photographer’s though.

Hope this help you help me


Hi there,

This happened to my site today too. The projects got cut in half by the testimonials. Not sure why. They were perfectly fine before.

Mary Ann

Exactly like mine.

Because of the recent WordPress update there has been a series of malfunctions with everything jQuery related.
They pretty much broke half of the internet because they didn’t made the upgrade javascript friendly.

What you need to do is to update the theme to the latest version since we already addressed this issue.
lldy, v1.0.15:

Let me know if I’m missing anything and there’s some other problem.


Perfect - thank you!


How did you go about updating without losing any customization?


Hello #coolin63,

If you don’t have modifications on the core theme files, none of the settings will get erased.

Just replace the files on the server after you made a backup and everything should be the same as before.

If you have any custom CSS in the editor or made any modifications to the core files, those will get erased.
But the customizations in Dashboard > Appearances > Customize will stay in place