projects images on blank page


Thanks for the great theme.

I would like to create a page similar to the projects images but with more images on a second page to match the home page.

How could I complete this?

Thank you.

Hello @gcneal,

Can you please provide more details about what you want to achieve?

I’m having some troubles to understand this.


Sorry for the brief request.

What I was trying to create is a setup similar to the projects in the front page, but on a new blank page. Ideally I’m trying to create a gallery based on the projects set-up, to match the front-page.

I created a full width template (it would be great to have a full width template added to the theme too. Then when I update the theme, I wont have to reinstall the template, unless there is some way to add this to the child theme?)

Unfortunately that’s about as far as I got, but will look further. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Hello @gcneal,

As far as my knowledge goes, you cannot create a duplicate version of the homepage.

I will track the full-width layout suggestion, though.

Sorry that I cannot be of more help.