Projects Pictures Not showing


As always great theme and support.

In the project section front page the pictures are blank, they do show the picture captions.


Thank you for the kind words!

Just go to the project sidebar widgets and re-add the media item > Save & Publish.

Ideally, you need to input new content in all the customizer fields for them to appear on the live website.

Please confirm you got everything alright.


All fields are filled in, links work on the site, just no picture.


You need to choose a new picture, as well.

Let me know about it.


i have tried different pictures, different words, turned section on and off, still does not show the picture.


Can you please provide me temporary admin dashboard access so I can have a live preview and try it for myself?

Thank you

<span class=“project-overlay”></span>

the link is going in wrong.


Thank you very much for the access!

There’s indeed some strange behaviour on the project images, but once I re-uploaded the pictures, select media, changed the widget title and re-saved the Customizer everything went out alright.

It’s still unclear if it’s WordPress related, theme or something else, but I’ll keep an eye after this issues. For now, just re-uploading the pictures and save everything again simply did the trick.

Please confirm that you got everything alright.