Projects section height is incorrect

hello, in my project section the side of the images are 1X1 fixed ratio (as the example template in Ildy) however since I updated the last version of the template when I refresh the page the images seem to be cut.
see the images, and in order to see it correctly, I have to press cmd - or cmd +.

could you help me?
thank you


Let me see it, please provide direct url of the page

Ok, i found it, but this is what I have, I cant replicate the problem:

but what should I do then? how can I solve it?

Hi there

Sorry for the inconvenience, only the way is to customize it, you need to hire someone to make such changes


But it’s not a customization, it’s something that worked before in the past, I only replaced the images and updated the template and now it doesn’t work properly only on desktop. If you have changed the size of the project section I can adapt the images but it changes the size I don’t know why. You have to do zoom in and zoom out to see it properly,


Sorry, I made a reply by mistake in your thread, it was intended for a different ticket :slight_smile:
No, its not the customization work but yet I need to replicate it, I tried it again in Chrome in Firefox, and images seem to be appearing normal for me, I don’t have any problem ?