Publishing Postings at social Networks


i have a big problem: i use the autoposter from the jetpack-plugin. When i publish a Blogpost, it appears for example at facebook, but with the picture from the slider (!). Not always the same picture, on of the slider. Same at google+. Can i change this? It looks better with the picture from the Posting.
I very much hope you can help me.
A temporary solution would be if no image is displayed. While it’s not nice, but even better than the slider.

Actually Jetpack doesn’t work the way you just described. First of all Jetpack Publicize options try to use Featured Image you have selected for post, if it is not present then its second option is images inside post and afterwards it looks for SEO settings if you have image selected for Facebook OG settings.

I am certain that this is how it works for Travelify and all other my themes. One thing that I can think off is that you have completely misconfigured SEO plugin or you have duplicate Facebook og and other social network tags in header.

Whatever is the case, this has nothing to do with theme itself.