Purchase related issue

Today i purchase a car rental template but i got a different carrental zip file that iam not purchased kindly help me .
i purchased this one Car Rental - HTML Car Rental Website Template - Colorlib
but i got the zip file of CarRentals - Free Rent A Car Website Template Design 2024 - Colorlib this website
please help me to change this templates

Hey there,

Apologies for the problem you are experiencing. I have verified that you have already downloaded the Car Rental template and checked the content, which appears to contain the correct website. Did I miss something?

Looking forward to your reply.


Actually 2 car rental websites are there but i get the zip file of another one .after downloading then only I understand that this not the one i purchased and again i purchase the other one because its urgent to deliver my website to the client .so kindly refund the amount first you deduct iam not using that thing its not my fault i select the other one but i got the different zip file

Iam attaching the both invoices you can easily identify that
Kindly provide me the refund of first payment 19 dollar

Hi there,

Ok, that makes sense :slight_smile:

In this instance, you should request a refund through the contact us form on our main website.

​Let me know if you need further assistance,

how can i request for refund. ?
i didnt see any option in your website related to refund .
so please help me for the refund of one of my purchase.

Hey there

Dear @Arifna1355

Here we go: Contact us - Colorlib

If there is anything else I can help with, just let me know.


i already sent form but
i didnt get any response ?

Hi @Arifna1355

Apologies for the delay. As far as I know, Aigars is currently on vacation and he is the only one responsible for processing the refund. Let’s try again in a couple of days.


Till now I didn’t get any response from your side regard refund
Kindly do the needful .

Hey there

Sorry for this inconvenience, @aigars-silkalns can you please help us here?



Sorry for the delay. Refund sent. It could take up to 2 weeks for PayPal to process it.


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