Purchased/Got a wrong template

Purchased consultation instead of Consolution - Free Bootstrap 4 Template by Colorlib

can you block and resend the correct one please?

I hope they are wordpress themes

Hey there

Sorry, but they are not WordPress themes but HTML templates

ok got it…I would need Consolution - Free Bootstrap 4 Template by Colorlib then and not this one…this was so confusing

Can you guys quickly resolve this please???

Please refund or send me the correct template…its boring to be waiting this long when response time is way quicker elsewhere

Please refund the money back, no point in waiting for this here…I have contacted through the form, email but it was a waste of an effort.

Hi there

So sorry for the inconvenience, unfortunately, I don’t have privilege to issue a refund or change the theme, @aigars-silkalns please help us here :slight_smile:

The client is not really happy with the response time here and have cancelled the project and have handed over it to someone else…I would need the money to be refunded…I would appreciate if you can take care of this quickly.

Please take our apologies on this issue, Aigras can handle such things but he is not online at this time, once he gets back your issue will be resolved

I`m sorry to admit that it is indeed disappointing and it was not appropriate to say the concerned was not online in the past 96 hours since the issue was raised…anyway looking forward to see this resolved asap.

Thank you for understanding, I sent a private notification appropriate team member on this

Am I going to get a refund or NO???


Sorry, most probably the appropriate person is on vacation, that’s why your request was delayed, unfortunately I don’t have capabilities to make such operations

Hope he has not resigned, if he has then I guess I would get my refund only when he rejoins back…you must try and get those capabilities to retain customers else it is a waste of time for everyone

I understand, sorry once again, again, if you have a chance try to initiate refund process from your payment system

Unfortunately, I can only dispute the transaction which I do not want to do since I approved it…I shall wait however please keep in mind to take care of it asap.

Ok, I guess then we need to wait only

have you refunded the money?


Sorry, but I don’t have any information about it, again, if you have a chance please initiate refund from your side