Purchasing Your Theme


I sent an email to you last month asking how I can remove your copyright info from the footer? I did not get any response despite paying a donation for the theme.

Also is there a way that I can contact away from this forum, i.e an email address?

Thanking you.

Sorry about that!

Please, feel free to contact me via support[at]divilab.com


Can I just ask whether the only way to get rid of the copyright info is to purchase the theme please?



Of course this is free theme and you can feel free to modify it but since I have provided a lot of support and have spent countless hours developing this theme I would appreciate that you would say “Thank you” for all the effort. There are basically three options: 1. Leave a link back to my website 2. Donate to contribute to theme development. 3. Translate theme to your language and allow us to use it in default installation (this will work only in some cases).

Hi Aigars,

Thank you for your reply. I am fairly new to Wordpress in general, so I will leave the link at the bottom as it is.

Awesome! Thank you!

Hi. Thank You for best theme. I want to ask You about permission to remove copyrights from footer In exchange I can translate Your theme to Ukrainian language.


Ukrainian translation would be awesome! And it will be OK to remove copyright information as you will be giving back to this theme and community as a whole.