put line in menu and change hover type

i use another topic for people that have the same problem could find it easer.
2. how can i put a line under the main menu and use a spacial hover type?you can see the sample in this page (thesum.ca)
3. how can i change the margin of title and page content when i have a sidebar. for other page without sidebar margin is ok but when i use sidebar for page like blog its margin change. how can i use same margin as page?

thank you for your time spending for us.

Hello @shima,

Adding the line and using custom hover effect for the menu requires extensive custom coding and styling that clearly falls short to the free support scope. If you are looking for any custom work and paid services please add me on Skype for more details: Ion Rutz

Like I previously stated in another thread with the same message, please send me your website link and I’ll send you some code to hide the yellow bar and handle the spacing in the footer. As for the other spacing issue, even though is a little unclear what issue you are encountering with the sidebar and without it, I hope that live preview will clear it out.


hi thank you for your knowledge.
i am designing my website in local host. first let me make it online then i can send you url.
how can i paid for support and how much it cost for changing background image and putting line under the main menu with spacial hover type??
best regards

Hello @shima,

I’m sorry to put you through the trouble of setting everything up but there’s quite a challenge to replicate the behaviour on my environment. I’m positive it will greatly help both of us to debug any issue.

As for the paid support, I personally charge $50 per hour while being reasonably about it that there’s setup and instruction time and additional issues might arise from thin air.

I would love to provide you premium support and custom work solutions while also keeping an eye for free support, but there’s a really fine line between fixing some elements, slightly change the design and do custom styling and item display.

If you are OK with the rate and would like more details about anything, feel free to add me on skype: Ion Rutz

Best regards