Question about licence: "All Templates $129/year"

I want to buy licence: “All Templates $129/year”.
But I have question - what happen when I will unsubsciribe after that one year…
I know, that I can use templates lifetime on all created websites/domains? (Or am I wrong?)
But the main question is, if I can still use all downloaded templates and create new website on new domains and use them like “extended versions” after that one year?

Hi there

yes, you can use templates you bought but one template for one domain only


So, after a year (if I resign from extending my subscription) I can use previously downloaded templates only one template on one domain? Did I understand correctly?
We talk all the time about: “All Templates $129/year” licence type.

Hi there

“only one template on one domain? Did I understand correctly?” - Yes,
further information about it can be found here: