Question about Mobile Theming


I wanted to test my website on the New Nintendo 3DS to test out the new browser but I can’t seem to load the full site, only the mobile version. Is there a way for mobile users to click a link to use the full site, I’ve seen examples of this on various other site

Also, the browser can’t seem to load the entire page as it is too big, so I was wondering if there is a way to make the amount of posts shown on the first page different for mobile users compared to desktop users

Thanks in advance

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Sorry for late response.

This theme is “responsive” and it has no mobile version like it used to back in days. It is the same website with the same CSS stylesheet but it is scaled based on device screen size. There is no easy way to turn it on and off.

For website size. Number of posts has very little impact on website size but facebook likebox, social sharing icons, adsense ads and other JavaScript heavy scripts are the main reason why your website is too big to load. Usually it is not the size that matters but how much time and effort it takes to render your website and of course JavaScript doesn’t help with that. CSS and HTML which is used to display post is much lighter, so it shouldn’t be a problem since most heavily lifting is done by your server and not your browser. With JavaScript heavy lifting is done by browser and only browser.