Question about photosen contact form and navbar

I have a question about the photosen template, which was very cool to work with. What do I need to change on the contact form to actually email me the comments submitted? And when I view the template on a phone or tablet the navbar does not appear. Is there a way to make it show up?

Thanks for your time.

Hi there

  1. You need to implement .php form that will process emails to send
  2. May I see it? please provide direct link to the website
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Hi @pjay_2022

I can clearly see the navbar on your website? Screenshot by Lightshot

I can see the navbar on the site with a pc or laptop, I can not see the navbar with a tablet or iphone. You can click on the area where the menu should be and the menu will pop up, but the menu doesn’t show on page load for a phone or tablet, tried multiple mobile browsers on my iphone, and with google chrome on 2 other iphones.

How do I implement the .php form?

Hi Pj

This is what I have: Screenshot by Lightshot and I tried several devices, can you please check our demo for comparison?

php form, try this: PHP Form Handling

It is exactly like your screenshot without the 3 line hamburger menu icon. I can click on the area where the icon should be and the navbar will pop up, but there is no icon showing on any tablet (ipad or amazon fire tablet) or phone (iphone 6s, iphone 8, iphone 10) I have tried. Tried using google chrome, mozilla and safari.

Hi there

Ok, I see, this happens only on homepage, you can use this css code, it will fix your problem,

span.icon-menu.h3 {
    color: #fff !important;

Thank you. Where do I put that code in the css?

Hi there

You need to add that code in the Appearance > Customize > Additional css


Can you tell me the name of the style sheet and the code above where this needs to go, just so I can put it in the right spot.


It’s not a stylesheet, it’s a CSS box, just paste the code :slight_smile:


I’m still not sure where to paste the code. Just tell me where to paste that. The exact code before it.

Open any css file and add this code at the bottom,
@pjay_2022 please consider this is a very basic thing in editing HTML CSS template and in order to work with templates you need to know it

Sorry, in one moment I thought youa re using Wordpress