Random Line In Blog Posts


I’ve followed various instructions on other posts to use CSS to move my logo next to the menu, to move the search box right a little, and to remove the categories from displaying at the top of posts. I’ve also decreased the amount of whitespace between my header menu and my content. Mostly everything has gone well.

However, after removing the categories from displaying at the top of posts, I’ve been left with a mysterious random line of my desktop site (see the first screenshot.) Not that this line does not appear on the mobile or tablet versions of my site (see the second screenshot.)

How do I remove this mysterious line?


The live site can be viewed using these details:

Username: colorlib_support
Password: ColorLibSupport4296!

This user is only a subscriber user. If you require higher level access, please let me know.

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.navbar.navbar-default {
box-shadow: none;

Colorlib Support Team


That doesn’t work, unfortunately.

In the attached screenshot, it removes the line at position A, which I want to stay.

What I need is to remove the line at position B, which crosses through my content. I’ve used the ‘inspect element’ function in Safari on macOS to try and determine what this line is, but I cannot figure it out.

I’ve edited the user details I provided earlier, so you should be able to access the site now and see a live version of what I mean.


Ah, sorry, in this case use this css:

#line {
display: none;

Excellent! Thank you!

Thank you too, feel free to open new ticket :slight_smile: