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I’m trying to install the theme on my blog, congratulations, I think a great theme, but I have a problem with the read more button, activates only when the user clicks on the low end, not inside the button anywhere.
Is it possible to fix this and that clicking anywhere within the pin is actuated?

This error, especially in mobile makes it very difficult to operate.


It sounds more like some custom implementations because this is not how it works by default or I am confusing something.

Could you please verify that the same behavior is present on theme demo ?

if not, please post your website URL and I will look into it.

In the demo theme if it works correctly by clicking anywhere on the button in my theme is not the case, only works properly in the last post of the home.

This is the blog,, although it was under maintenance for migration, active so that you can see and tell me.

I think what the problem is, there is a conflict between Jetpack “Like” function and the button, if I disable the “Like” button acts so normal as in the demo .

I would like to keep this feature Jetpack, has any change for the button to function possible?

I just changed the settings on Jetpack, now only displayed in the post itself, not in the home and so there is no conflict with the button. However, conflict within the post are the same way with the labels shown above the function of “like”. Is there any way to fix this last?


I’m using Dazzling theme. On desktop mode work fine, but on mobile mode Read More and Continue or Next/Previus button can’t touch (if touch not working, noting). Please help me. . . !!!
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