read more button

I just started Travelify theme and it’s very cool! Only current problem is that “read more” button doesn’t work.I am still biginner of WP, which version is 4.0. Please let me know what is wrong for me.

I have never heard of anything like this, so could you please post your website URL and I will look into this?

Thanks for your support.

I am sorry that the site is in Japanese, but you can find the “read more” button.
Please check the following URL.

Your permalink structure is broken. Not sure if you have added it incorrectly via WordPress dashboard - Settings - Permalinks or .htaccess file doesn’t do its job properly.

Check if settings are correct in WordPress dashboard - Settings - Permalinks by selectin “Post name” as permalink option. If it doesn’t work, then try default structure.


Thank you very much for your advice. I still need to study about permalinks more for fixing this by your advice, but I will do it. PLease keep in touch.

Thank you! It works!