"Read More" causes "This slideshow requires JavaScript." error


I am running into a strange issue. I have a blog post which has Slideshow gallery. When I browse to the post directly, everything works fine. But if I browse to the post via “Read More”, then the slide show fails with the error “This slideshow requires JavaScript.”

Can you help me fix this please?

These are the URLs:

Working fine: http://matreh.com/serverless-lambda/

Error : http://matreh.com/serverless-lambda/#more-198

You can also go to http://matreh.com/blog/ and click on “Read More” to see the error.

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

That is indeed strange.
I don’t see any possible reason for this behaviour.
Could you please execute the following just to rule out any possible JScript conflict.

Kindly disable Disable all third party plugins except those recommended by the theme.

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Thanks for the reply. I disabled all the plugins (including Jetpack) except Shapely Companion. The slideshow did not work but I was able to see the images. I then enabled Jetpack and the error again surfaced, So even with only Jetpack and Shapely Companion enabled, this issue was seen.

I have for now installed Jquery Updater plugin which fixes the issue but raises another - when going via the Read More button, it causes the page to scroll up to top.

Do you any other suggestions I could try? Thanks !

I found the solution for Read More scroll also. It is a standard WP Read More behaviour. Here’s the link that details how to change if you desire.