READ MORE is not showing in category page

Hello everyone. I saw sparkling theme on someone website and fell in love with it. Currently i am using it on my website. Initially full post was visible instead of part post. later i used google and found sparkling support forum post and added special CSS code to file (Using <—More—> tag). My used CSS code is– a.more-link { display: block; border-radius: 4px; background-color: #DA4453; border-color: #DA4453; } a.more-link { font-size: 0; } a.more-link:before { content: "Read More"; display: block; float: right; font-size: 12px; padding: 11px 13px; background-color: #DA4453; border-color: #DA4453; color: #FFF; text-transform: uppercase; border-radius: 4px; }

I am using <—More—> tag instead of excerpts because excerpts are too short. Now READ MORE links are visible on main page however it is not visible on my category pages.
Category Page:

Update: Using child theme (it was available for download in another thread) solved my issue. Its really great.

Awesome great to see you got that solved.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!

what is a child theme?

@riccardosl See it here Child Themes « WordPress Codex