Recent post (blog post) image - display them on blog page and hide on post page

I have set excerpt on blog page following Option 2 in
It worked, but the featured image for each post on blog page disappears.
(It may be because I removed the featured image that shows up in the header of each blog post?)

Is there anyway I can show featured images on blog page (recent post page) while keeping to hide them from showing up in the header of individual post?

Replace this code that you have already added on your website that hides featured images:

.single-featured {
  display: none;

And replace it with this code that will hide featured images only on single post view.

.single .single-featured {
  display: none;

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

Yes, that was exactly what i was looking for! It worked like a charm. I really appreciate it!

Also, is there anyway I can edit the size of featured image shown on blog page (the same size for all featured images)? If no, I will just manually resize each featured image.

Most likely those images where there before you switched to this theme, so featured images are not yet generated for this theme. WordPress doesn’t regenerate featured images automatically once you switch from one theme to another. That’s why there are plugins such as this one that you can use to regenerate thumbnails and that way you will get the same image size as you can see on Sparkling theme demo.

Let me know if this helps.

I tried the plugin but it didn’t successfully resize the images. But i think that’s to do with the plugin creator, so thanks so much for your support!

Ok, now I see. This plugin did work but some of your images are not big enough to even resize them.

You are using code like this that stretches images to make them fit above the entire content are:

.single-featured {
  width: 100%;

A better approach would be to use larger images to start with.