Recommendations for similar WordPress theme for lacrosse website


I am currently using your free theme Travelify and am very happy with it and have great support for a free theme… thank you.

Do you have any themes that could come close to this site?
One think I like is when you click on a link you get a nice header with a small image with each page.

Going with a pay theme is absolutely fine with me!!!

Keep up the great work and thank you!

If you means section like this:

Then it is custom designer and built and there is absolutely no alternatives inside premium themes for that. The thing is that this would be easy to code and design in HTML for some specific website but to make this functionality for themes it would be impossible. Perfect text alignment, perfect background image alignment and contract with front text and icon. Users would just manage to just break thing easily and then complain that this theme sucks.

You can choose any similar looking premium WordPress theme that you can find here and then hire somone who could design and code that part of your website.