Recommended Plugins

Hey, I’m new here… Which form do I use in Shapely v1.2.8? The Recommended Plugin is “Kali v1.4.0” or The Shapely Contact Section Widget which says “Please install Contact Form 7 plugin”?

Hey there

Kali form is recommended by us and it will work better, do you have any problem with it?

@Koda no and Thank you

There is one thing you can help me with. How do I use the page title and page content widgets?

One more question I promise! I’m OCD with uploading proper image sizes, where might I find information on the sizes?

I have one more qestion, how do I remove Colorlib image so that mine is showed when the site is shared on facebook?

i guess one question per thread.?

hey there

:slight_smile: You already have a ticket on these questions with my answer, so, I will close this one