Reduce the width of the sidebar

First off, thanks a lot for this amazing theme. It’s so premium I still can’t believe it is for FREE!

I am trying to reduce the width of the sidebar in order to create more space for content (in the ratio 70:30).

I can’t seem to find any CSS to achieve this.
Your help will be much appreciated in this regard.


The simplest way to achieve this would be to use this CSS code, but it might come with some other display issues:

width: 75%;
width: 25%;

The other method would be to access the theme files and change the col-sm-7 and col-sm-4 to match your values.

Let me know if you got it alright.


Thanks a lot, it worked like charm but I got into another problem.
When on mobile view, the content is one sided with a huge blank space to the right. Any idea to correct it?

Thanks again I figured it out.
Following your directions I opened the bootstrap.min.css file and replaced the values for the col-sm-7 and col-sm-4 to the ratios I desired (68% and 22%).

Now no more display issues. ?

That sounds great, I’m happy that you got everything alright.


hello there,

I would like to reduce the width of my shop sidebar so I have more space for my products to come up 4 on a line.
could you please guide of what to do?

my site is

please help