Reducing Spacing Between Content

I love the theme!

However, I would like to reduce the spacing between:

  1. The feature image
  2. Post title
  3. Line that comes after it … “Date. Leave a comment. Edit. Read more at…”; and,
  4. Post content.

Where is the code for this padding/space? It seems like there is a lot of white space between each thing right now on my page. I would like to reduce it or get rid of the space altogether. Thank you.

That white space is called Design! :slight_smile:

There is no easy way to get this done because everyone has their own taste for design and one size won’t fit all. The best option here is to use Chrome DevTools to inspect elements and check what should be changed. Then make these changes by adding code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS or inside Child Theme style.css.

There will never be an option to tweak this Theme Options because it already has this ideal combo which is what web design is all about, so you will have to do it on your own or to hire developer from oDesk or