Reducing top/bottom padding in parallax widget

I would like to reduce the whitespace above & below the picture in the widget, and basically make the picture flush against the top/bottom borders of the widget(screenshot attached). How might I accomplish this? Thank you.


Hi DJ,

Thank you for your question.

You can try achieving this by adding the following CSS code in the Custom CSS option of your theme on the below path.

Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Shapely Options -> Other

.shapely_home_parallax {
    padding: 0;

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This solution worked great. However, it worked only in the case where the image is right-justified. Looks like in the case where the image is left-justified, the bg-secondary class isn’t explicitly declared in the CSS code. The following code worked for me for left-justified images:

#custom_shapely_home_parallax-12 section{

Thank you yet again for your insight!


You are always welcome here :slight_smile: