referencing css

I have uploaded bsd_style.css file in / .
How to reference it from Wordpress -> widget -> custom_html with something like (this is not my domain)
<link rel=“stylesheet” media=“all” href=“” />

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Unfortunately, I’m afraid I did not clearly understand the issue that you are having.

Kindly explain to me more so that I may be able to advise further.

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Now in my current webpage I have referenced css in other domain. In my Wordpress -> Appearance -> Widgets -> Custom HTML i have line:
<link rel=”stylesheet” media=”all” href=”″ /> (Xirgo is outside of my control and not my domain)
I copied this css file to my shapely folder via ftp to and now I want to reference it localy via my Custom HTML widget. But I don’t know URL or other trick.
Hope that makes sence.
For example: href=“

I copied this css file to my shapely folder via ftp to

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it should work if you don’t have any spelling errors, plea provide access details to the site and direct link to the file, I will fix it

the site is the same, you have logins in previous private message. File is
The link is in Home Page -> Custom HTML (EN or LT, bottom ones) -> Line number 6


this file is not available, it’s not on this path:

Meanwhile please post your admin details here

It is not on this path, but the path is this if you connect via ftp. Then you go to public_html and so on. It is not accessible publicly via https, but if it were I believe then my question makes no sense, because it will work.
I can give you ftp credentials.
Temporary login for WP


Almantas, fir of all you have to make this file available by url requesting without this you can’t load it on the site, please check it once again and give me a url to the file that loads a CSS file

but my question actually is how to make it available publicly. I mean what you are asking is what I am asking. So then I can make it available via Custom HTML.
I hope that makes clear.


Use this file path to the file: :wink:

Hope it helps now :slight_smile: