Register Sidebar no work

Hello, new sidebar does not work, showing all widgets, and I want a different sidebar in single.php other in index.php, one in pages.php, tried to create different sidebars does not work. My website is, I work with child theme
Sorry for my English but I’m Spanish speaker. Thanks a lot

You don’t need to register a new sidebar in case you want to use a different one for each template. You can use plugin such as WooSidebars that will help you to create multiple sidebars for different pages or sections on your website. You can read more and download WooSidebars plugin from here.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

Very good this plugin, but do not want to load plugins my theme . I Wanted the manual codes.


Then you can follow this tutorial that will highlight how to register a new sidebar (widget area). You can see how it is done for this theme.

Afterwards you will can output sidebar like this:

<?php if( is_active_sidebar('home1') ) dynamic_sidebar( 'home1' ); ?>

Since you wanted to add different sidebar for different pages you will have to use conditional formation. For more information you can read official WordPress documentation.