Remove author and categories + icons, but keep date icon and date and time

Hi - I would like to remove author and categories, and the author and category icons, on all posts, while keeping the date icon and the date and time. I would like this to happen through the site, on both front page and single page views.

I tried the code below (for removing the author) but it removes all icons (date, author, date)

.entry-meta .author a {
    font-size: 0;


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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.single .byline, .group-blog .byline {
display: none !important;

but i cant see categories

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Thank you!

I works although I still see categories listed on top of single posts. Is there a way to remove both the category icon and the category (right now, it just says “uncategorized” since I haven’t added categories to most posts).

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this is updated version of your code:

.single .byline, .group-blog .byline, {
display: none !important;

Thank you! That works perfectly.

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