Remove author name and info in blog

This may be a wordpress newbie question:

How do i stop the display of the author name and info at the bottom of the blog pages and in the credit line next to the date?

Thanks for this wonderful theme.

OK… after some searching found that I had to edit

Not sure about how to remove the author name in the meta area of the post.

Also, I realize now that I should have created a child theme.

Is there any special instructions for updating to the latest version of this theme?

If you want to just hide them you can also use I small CSS trick that will do just that and you don’t need Child Theme for that. Of course you can edit php code via Child THeme but it is no where near the best option.

You can add these lines of CSS code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS and author bio and author name no longer will be displayed on single post page.

.entry-meta .byline {
    display: none;
.single .secondary-content-box {
    display: none;

This code will remain there even if you decided to update this theme when a new version comes out. One theme update is already reviewed by WordPress core team and will be available shortly.

Of course, a css solution! Thanks for your attention and patience.

Sveiks, Aigar. Šo kodu iekopēju Sparkling Custom CSSā, taču autors un kategorija noņemas vien neatvērtam rakstam. Kā rakstu atver, tā autors un kategorija parādās. Droši, ka ir kāds papildkodiņš.
Paldies tev un tavai komandai par izcilību savā jomā un apbrīnojamo komunikācijas kvalitāti un operativitāti. Ceru, ka latviski rakstīt nav pārkāpums (シ


how can I remove author’s email and date under my blog excerpts?

many thanks!

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