Remove Background of Header and add Searchbar in the Header

Hi i have two questions:

Its about this site.

How do I remove the white background in the Header ( The Color behind the Logo and Social Icons) ?

How can I add the searchbar under the social icons? (I already found a thread about this but it didnt worked for me, maybe as a beginner i need a little bit more detailed information)

And another question:

How can I move the menu-bar to the left, so that it starts with the blogborder?
When I try it with margin only the font moves or only the bar and everything starts to look like an chaos.

Okay, I got the last question about the menu bar. Just changed float:none and margin-left: -20px …now this works. So just need help with the first two questions.

Okay…I’m so sorry for making this thread to fast. But I now also found the way to remove the background…now only the problem with the seachbar is left! :smiley:

There are plenty of options how to add search bar in the header. About one that I can recommend you can read here.

You can also add it directly inside header-extensions.php in similar manner like I described to add custom info there.

Basic search form can be called by using this WordPress function

<?php get_search_form(); ?>

You can read more about it on official WordPress documentation.