Remove blank space on mobile version

I have a blank space showing on the top of my page on the mobile version but not on the PC. Is there a setting i can change to fix this so it does not show?

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Sorry, but where it is? please share screenshot because i have trouble to see it

This is the screenshot for the mobile version of the site and the blank space is at the top

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Hm, strange, i cant see it, can you tell me more about your device and browser? also, can you check it from different devices?

I use an iPhone 6 with safari and it shows he same way with an iPhone 10 and 7. I have not tried an android device. I’m wondering if it’s the header or logo area( I have it off using CSS)

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Sorry, but honestly, that space is not available on my side, i used my android device and iphone devices as well, there is no reason to show that space because that area on the page is blank, can you check our demo if we have the same problem? you are first who is reporting such problem

I am not the first to report this. I have had many people ask me why it’s there. What should my next step be for figuring this out? I think it has something to do with the theme not hiding the logo area or something like that


Can you show me similar topics in the forum?