Remove feature image/title on specific pages


I want to removed the feature image/title on specific pages… namely all of my pages except the home page.

Thank you

Hi there,

We checked your pages and we did not get a featured image in use but we did see titles.
You can remove them from all pages except the homepage using this CSS: #header .bottom-header h1{

body.home #header .bottom-header h1{

add it to appearance \ customize - additional css.
Hope this helps.

Thank you

Yes that has removed the titles but I am still left with a huge orange/yellow section?

I want to remove this altogether please…?

Also, it has not removed the title on the blog page.

Thanks for your help!


Hello there,

When I looked at the only blog post that you have up, it does not display anything but an error.

Also, the only yellow section is apart of the header but you can remove the bottom section using this CSS:

#header .bottom-header {
    display: none;

Best Regards,