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I’m not sure is this is a general Wordpress question or a Shapely question, but here goes. I added a gallery widget to my Shapely site and added multiple images. When I click on a thumbnail I’m taken to the attachment page that has that image. All good so far. I’ve been successful in removing all the sidebar info, but can’t seem to get rid of the filename above the image.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing just what I’m trying to get ride of.

Thanks for any help

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Well, this s normal, the file name should be visible like that, give me the link of this page and I will provide a screenshot for you

I understand that it’s normal, but for my needs it would look cleaner if the file name wasn’t above the image. It’s also below the image and in a small font. I’m just looking to get rid of the large file name above the image.

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give me the link of this page and I will provide a custom css for you :slight_smile:

Thank you for assisting. The url is – If you scroll down to the section that says “Our Plans” you will see 6 images in the Gallery widget. Clicking any of the 6 images will take you to the attachments page where I’m looking to have the filename removed from above the image.

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.single-attachment header.entry-header {
display: none;

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Worked perfectly. Thank you!!!

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I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions