Remove gap between slider and next block on front page

Hi guys, the website concerned under development.

You’ll see on the front page there’s a gap and in various other places. What class do i target to remove the gap between the slider and the next (grey) block?

See screenshot attached for reference.


I’m pretty sure that is the container for the Call For Action section, check that you have nothing in the Call For Action section of Theme Options.

If you have clear it out and see if that gets rid of it.

I used the Call For Action button on This Site I just removed the information related to it and it all went away.

Bam Bam

Hi Bambam, nope, I’ve got nothing in that section. See screenshot.

I use ‘siteorigin page builder’ plugin to lay out the page… possibly that?

Same issue here.

Used siteorigin page builder too.

Okay, i’ve resolved this. It’s nothing to do with siteorigin plugin as my install of dazzling theme had the same problem with no mods. The CFA section was also turned off so not related to that either.

Use this in custom CSS (adjust the -60 to suit) and it will fix the gap issue…